Turnigy TX finally here

Turnigy TX finally here

Two boxes arrived today. Both much anticipated from hobbyking.com. The box hold the Turnigy 9x that I’ve bben waiting for. This TX sells so well that it is perpetually on back-order, and the do not allow placing pre-orders on it. Basically you subscribe to their email notification and when you get it, you rush to their site and place your order for it. Normally it sells out within half an hour of the email notification so you have to act fast. Lucky me for finally snatching one. I can’t wait to get all the mods done (I’ll document those on the blog too).


Together with this order, I picked up the Frsky DJT module with telemetry, an extra D8R-SP receiver cause I wanted the PPM signal, Zippy Compact 2200 Lipos, the 9x backlight kit in white, and a few other odds and ends. Now I can actually start taking some stuff apart and modifying it, cause to me that is part of the fun of this hobby.


In the next box I received the sensors that I ordered, cause it wouldn’t make much sense to have telemetry if I don’t at least send some data across. For now I settled on the voltage sensors, cause that’s the most important thing to keep track of when flying. I picked up both the individual cell sensor and the analog pack sensor so that I could get both the total pack reading and the individual cell reading (You will need both sensor if you want both types of readings). I also ordered the sensor hub to tie them both together to the D8R-SP.

Hobbyking was nice enough to throw in a set of Turnigy stickers as you can see. That will work as some cool graffiti for my tool cases. Stay tuned for posts about the mods and how they work out.

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