Power distribution and BT

Power distribution and BT

More stuff has come in. This time from sunsky-online.com. I’ve had good experience with them and I find them much more reliable than GLB, cheaper too.


The 2 main things here are the power distribution board and a bluetooth module.

The power distribution board costs USD0.86 plus shipping. You can’t really beat that. As you can see, it can handle up to 8 segments. The quality of the board is nice and it had nice big pads to attach your power cables to.

The bluetooth module was better than I had expected. Sunsky didn’t really have much specs on it, but their site indicated that the module operates at 3.3v. Upon inspecting the unit and searching around, I was pleasantly surprised that it had on-board regulation for 3.3v-6.5v. So no headaches of setting up a separate power supply when I use this on the quadcopter later.

In case you are wondering, the BT module reports back as a Linvor 1.5, and is actually running the HC06 firmware. This firmware is basically stripped down and only accepts a handful of AT commands. You could if you wanted (with a bit of technical know how of course), load a more powerful HC05 firmware in.

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