The SK450 frame

The SK450 frame


The first part is finally here! I put in an order for a SK450 frame on When I ordered this, had not started to carry it yet, but now they do so you can get it there. I was lucky and picked it up at for USD26 including shipping so I don’t think I paid much more than buying from (They sell it for USD17 before shipping).


It comes packed in a small box that got slightly crushed during delivery, but overall, no damage was done and I’m pretty pleased cause everything is packed nicely inside.


Here is a picture of all the parts laid out. The quality of the pieces is excellent. Tolerances look good, and moulding looks precise so everything should fit together well. It even includes a nice set of instructions.


A hex tool and a few minutes was all it took to put everything together. Everything fit into place nicely and nothing was missing. They even threw in a couple of extra screws just in case.

I’ll put up something about the performance of this frame later when I actually get to fly it. I basically bought this cause it was a plastic frame (I’m hoping that it’ll be a bit more resilient than aluminium cause I’m still learning to fly). This particular frame has arms that seem to be clones of XAircraft’s X450Pro which I really liked so I figured I’d try it out. There are similar looking plastic frames like the DJIs and their clones, but it seems that those have vibration issues so I stayed away from them.

Can’t wait for the other things to arrive!

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