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Turnigy TX finally here ?>

Turnigy TX finally here

Two boxes arrived today. Both much anticipated from The box hold the Turnigy 9x that I’ve bben waiting for. This TX sells so well that it is perpetually on back-order, and the do not allow placing pre-orders on it. Basically you subscribe to their email notification and when you get it, you rush to their site and place your order for it. Normally it sells out within half an hour of the email notification so you have to act…

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A2212 Brushless Outrunners ?>

A2212 Brushless Outrunners

Woo Hoo! I just received another parcel! It’s the motors that I ordered on These are A2212-930KV Brushless Outrunners and they cost me USD38 shipped. I don’t think you can find a better deal elsewhere. If you do, please drop me a note… lolz… They came in one of those bubbled envelopes, and they were wrapped in a lot of bubble wrap. On top of that they were individually packed into pretty rigid plastic so everything was very well…

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Power distribution and BT ?>

Power distribution and BT

More stuff has come in. This time from I’ve had good experience with them and I find them much more reliable than GLB, cheaper too. The 2 main things here are the power distribution board and a bluetooth module. The power distribution board costs USD0.86 plus shipping. You can’t really beat that. As you can see, it can handle up to 8 segments. The quality of the board is nice and it had nice big pads to attach your…

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The SK450 frame ?>

The SK450 frame

The first part is finally here! I put in an order for a SK450 frame on When I ordered this, had not started to carry it yet, but now they do so you can get it there. I was lucky and picked it up at for USD26 including shipping so I don’t think I paid much more than buying from (They sell it for USD17 before shipping). It comes packed in a small box that got…

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