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Ultimate7e: Building from source ?>

Ultimate7e: Building from source

[UPDATE: 17th May 2016] While the method below can still be used to build from source, PhracturedBlue has release a Docker container that contains the build environment with a GUI to ease the process. Find the wiki documentation about it here. Alternatively, if you do not want to build from source yourself, compiled versions can be found on the Test Builds page on Let’s walk through the process of building DeviationTX from source. You’ll need to do this if you…

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Hubless Frsky telemetry with Baseflight on Naze32 ?>

Hubless Frsky telemetry with Baseflight on Naze32

It’s been about 2 weeks now since successfully setting up the stm32f103 toolchain on my mac. Darn that was hard. Anyhow, I wanted to play around with telemetry for the Frsky receivers since ER9X supports it. I do have a hub, but one thing that bothered me was that to get the telemetry, we would be buying and installing a bunch of sensors that our main flight controllers already have. With this in mind I set about to seeing how…

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Atmel AVR programming on OS X ?>

Atmel AVR programming on OS X

I finally received the AVR USBASP programmer that I ordered on today. I’ve been waiting for this so that I could start tinker with reflashing of ESCs and the Turnigy 9x that I had recently bought. I choose this one cause it had some built in protection (diodes) added. It was also voltage selectable (3.3V and 5V) via adding or removing a 0ohm resistor. I plan on replacing the resistor with headers and a jumper later. It comes default…

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