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Ultimate7e: Building from source ?>

Ultimate7e: Building from source

Let’s walk through the process of building DeviationTX from source. You’ll need to do this if you have upgraded your Devo7e processor as outlined here. Again you will need to make sure you have installed the items that I listed here. Setup and clone Git repository First thing we need to do is to create an account on GitHub. From there we then have the choice to either Fork or Clone the Deviation code. Forking allows us to maintain a copy…

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Ultimate7e: Flashing the bootloader ?>

Ultimate7e: Flashing the bootloader

We’ve now got a nice new processor installed in our 7e and we need to flash a boot loader onto it. The bootloader we need is the 256K variant that PhracturedBlue has so nicely modified for us. It is based on the original stock Walkera bootloader, but allows for files larger than 128K to be uploaded. You can find it from the links that I put in the “DeviationTX: Build environment and tools” post. I’ll assume that you’ve also already acquired and…

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DeviationTX: Build environment and tools ?>

DeviationTX: Build environment and tools

This is a short post of the build environment and tools that I have been using to experiment with and hack the Devo7e. With these tools, we can recover from permanently bricking the transmitter (most of the time). A quick list to make everything easy to find: Walkera Dfuse Upgrade Tool (Linked on Deviation Uploader (Download from Docker ( MWM’s Deviation Docker image (Link to forum post) PhracturedBlue’s Devo7e bootloaders (Stock 128K and Upgraded 256K) Git client (I use SourceTree but any client…

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Ultimate7e: Upgrade the Devo7e processor ?>

Ultimate7e: Upgrade the Devo7e processor

I took the plunge and decided to upgrade the processor in my Devo7e transmitter to a STM32F103RET6. This upgrade is not yet officially supported by the DeviationTX team yet, but I figured it was doable as the upgrade doesn’t really affect the code much and I’m fairly comfortable with compiling from source code. In this post, we’ll look at the hardware end of the upgrade. Desoldering and resoldering a SMD processor isn’t really that hard and the potential for damaging your…

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ESC reflash with SimonK firmware ?>

ESC reflash with SimonK firmware

I hadn’t gotten around to modifying the internals of my TX so I figured I’d have a go at reflashing the Hobby King 20A (F-20A) ESCs first. I chose this ESC because: They were really cheap They supported reflashing with SimonK’s firmware They had their test pads in a row so it would be easier All it’s FETs were the same (N-Channel) Some wiring had to be done to match the pin-outs from my 10 pin AVR programmer to the…

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Installing the Turing 9x backlight kit ?>

Installing the Turing 9x backlight kit

Here is a walk through on how I installed the Turnigy 9x LED backlight kit from You get a foam backing and the actual backlight panel that has a wiring harness attached to it. As my old soldering iron is fried, and all I have my butane field iron, I am only going to do the plug and play install for now. I don’t really want to use the field iron to solder things to the TX’s logic board…

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