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ESC reflash with SimonK firmware ?>

ESC reflash with SimonK firmware

I hadn’t gotten around to modifying the internals of my TX so I figured I’d have a go at reflashing the Hobby King 20A (F-20A) ESCs first. I chose this ESC because: They were really cheap They supported reflashing with SimonK’s firmware They had their test pads in a row so it would be easier All it’s FETs were the same (N-Channel) Some wiring had to be done to match the pin-outs from my 10 pin AVR programmer to the…

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Atmel AVR programming on OS X ?>

Atmel AVR programming on OS X

I finally received the AVR USBASP programmer that I ordered on today. I’ve been waiting for this so that I could start tinker with reflashing of ESCs and the Turnigy 9x that I had recently bought. I choose this one cause it had some built in protection (diodes) added. It was also voltage selectable (3.3V and 5V) via adding or removing a 0ohm resistor. I plan on replacing the resistor with headers and a jumper later. It comes default…

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